Thursday, 4 February 2016

Common Signs That Indicate Garage Doors Need Repair

Garage doors are used often during the course of year a and endure much wear and tear. Plus, they are exposed to the elements like rain, snow, extreme heat and cold and can become damaged over a period of time. Common signs indicate that the door is in need of repair.  

If the door does not open or close properly when using the opener, it is a sure sign that the door's sensors are malfunctioning. Possibly, an item in the garage could be blocking the sensors such as a rake or shovel. If that is not the case, most likely there is a problem that would best be handled by professionals.

Another sign to look for is a slow moving door. Garage doors are designed to open and close within a matter of a few seconds. If it takes longer for the door to open or close, the door should be repaired right away. It is the best way to prevent further damage to the door or to the springs.

Loud squeaking, clicking, popping or cracking sounds when the door is being opened or closed are not normal. Typically, these sounds indicate that there is a problem with the mechanisms of the door or with the opener. In addition, the rollers, hinges, bearings, springs, pulleys or cables may need to be lubricated.

When working properly, doors on the garage work smoothly and do not shake. If the door shakes when it is being opened or closed, it is highly likely that broken parts are causing the door to move unevenly. This will make the door tremble and shake when it is opened and closed and will need to be repaired.

Sagging garage doors or doors that are off the tracks or that are uneven when being opened or closed, point to the door being damaged. Also, if the door scrapes the sides of the garage walls, ceiling or floor when it is being opened and closed, it is a strong indication that the cables or tension springs are either broken or worn and need to be replaced.

Another sign to look for are cracks or split areas in the door. Cracks or splits can lead to the door being severely damaged. If cracks are noticed, they should be fixed right away. Having them repaired will prevent the crack or split from becoming bigger and creating more damage to the door. Click here for more info.

Increased utility bills are also a sign of a problem with garage doors. When the energy bill suddenly rises, but the usage is the same, the door may not be properly fitted or insulated. Plus, the door could also be damaged. Older doors can drain energy. Replacing them with energy efficient doors may be more beneficial in the long run.

If any of these signs are experienced, it is highly recommended that they be addressed by well qualified professionals. Broken or damaged garage doors are extremely unsafe. To avoid further damage and increased expenses, it highly recommended that they be repaired right away.