Sunday, 28 February 2016

Tips on Choosing a Memorial Prayer

Death is an inevitable part of life. It is a difficult time for the loved ones, and the memorial service offers them a sense of closure. This is why many people like to select a memorial prayer that they would like recited during their funeral. They hope to leave behind a legacy that their family and friends will hold onto.

If you are making the arrangements for a funeral you will face the daunting task of choosing a memorial prayer.  It is a difficult task as you would surely like to choose a prayer or poem that would be befitting to the deceased. There will be many other decisions that you will need to make including choosing the flowers for the funeral and the music for the service. However, the choice of the memorial prayer is a crucial part of it all.

The prayer recognizes the grief of the friends and family in attendance, and offers them hope and comfort. Prayer cards may be used for the service and it would be a good idea to use the same prayer or poem for the same.

Tone of the Service
Your choice of prayer will set the tone for the funeral. While some families prefer a formal, somber setting, others may like a more informal one. At the end of the day, the choice will be made keeping in mind the personality of the deceased. A funeral is an occasion to pay tribute to a loved one and to remember their life, as they lived it.

Looking for Advice
The internet is of course a great source of information and you will be able to find many prayers and poems that could be considered. You may also like to speak to family members and friends who could identify a poem or prayer that was close to their loved one's heart. You could also speak to the priest of the church that the departed was a member of.

Personalizing the Words
Every family has its own special rituals. These are what make them unique and special. Some may favor a certain prayer for festivals such as Thanksgiving. You may even choose to write a prayer as a tribute to the deceased.

Length of the Prayer
Do try to choose a prayer that is not very long. This would take a lot of time for the memorial service and you may lose the attention of the others. Similarly do not select one that is too short. Finally, select a prayer that seems just right for the deceased. Click here to know more.

Sometimes families may like to have a memorial service on a death anniversary. Friends and family may like to gather and celebrate the life of a loved one. If this is the case you may wish to spend some time collecting information about the person before you begin the task of choosing just the right prayer. For instance, a memorial prayer for a war veteran would be unique and quite different from one for an artist or perhaps a librarian. The words must reflect the values that the loved one held dear and lived by.