Saturday, 13 February 2016

Uses of the Quirky Giant Bean Bag Chair

Bean bags have been in vogue since the 1970s when it spread from the modernist design houses of Italy to the rest of Europe until they landed on US soil. They were remarkably different from anything else that people saw before that time. Furniture used to be thought of as rigid pieces. They may have cushioning at strategic places but they largely kept their shape no matter what. The here comes the bean bags that don't conform to this idea, only to the shape of the person sitting on them. They were fun and rebellious and they became a hit.

Those heady days may be long gone but the bean bags remain. In fact, they have evolved in different ways to keep pace with the higher expectations of consumers today. They are now more comfortable and durable thanks to progress in materials engineering. Some have begun to offer back support with a rigid frame that still sticks to the original design aesthetics while keeping ergonomics in mind. After all, our bodies become less forgiving as we get older. Different sizes have also popped up from the tiny ones to the formidable giant bean bag chair.

A Different Kind of Couch

Most bean bags have been designed to accommodate only one person. The idea was that you would sit on this blob and you will slowly feel yourself sink in as the chair adjusted itself to your shape. No matter who sits on it, it would always feel like a highly personalized experience. To some extent, this still holds true no matter what the size of the unit may be. Yet the expansion of the dimensions offers new possibilities, particularly the chance to use it as a comfy couch along with other people.

Some available products are so massive that they truly deserve to be tagged as gigantic. They are definitely not for minimalist homes with tiny spaces. They were made for proportionately large spaces that can house them with room to spare. They are incredibly fun to have around especially when friends come to drop by. Movie nights are extra nice as everyone can share the giant chair as if it was a couch. It's perfect for lazy afternoons and all-night binge watching favorite TV series. Visit us here.

Transform Into a Bed

These bean bags are so large that they can also serve as full-sized beds. The biggest ones can accommodate two or more people at a time without any problems. It would feel like lying on a water bed in the way that the shape shifts underneath. However, it would be more firm because of the solid material as filler as compared to liquid.

Those who wish to have a unique bedroom should definitely consider getting one. It's perfect for teens and young professionals who are looking for something fun and funky. Of course, leaving one in the living room also makes it possible to have guests sleep over after a long night. Give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.